Kauai wedding and family photographer mami wyckoff

Photo of me by Wendy Laurel


I moved to Hawaii from Japan when I was 17 and never left.  I fell deeply in love with the color and its beauty.  I love crystal blue water, white sand, the misty rainbows, endless tropical flowers, and old plantation homes scattered all over the islands…  These little details make me HAPPY!

Creating images that make people HAPPY is my goal and profession as a photographer allows me to follow my passion that inspires me daily.  I shoot daily with classic FILM.  I also shoot digital as well when needed, such as at dark locations and as backup.

I also love shooting weddings.  It’s the day that you both shine!  Believe me, all brides glow on their wedding day!  Everyone is full of similes & happiness!  I work hard to document and tell the story behind the beautiful emotions between the bride, groom, friends and family on their wedding day.

Please feel free to also ask me for other island recommendations – such as suggestions for other venders for a special weddings or events and also for local dining and activity suggestion on Kauai!  I would love to share my knowledge of the islands with visitors.